Women make up over half of the US workforce.* When it comes to menopause transition, one third of women in the workforce are perimenopausal or postmenopausal.
With women playing such a critical role in the workforce and economy, supporting optimal health and productivity throughout their working years should be prioritized by employers.
We work with companies to foster a workplace that better accommodates this workforce demographic, ultimately leading them to happier, healthier employees, and a more productive, profitable business.
*(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023).
Menopause Made Modern by Claret Circle was developed to address the gap in consumer-focused information and resources for women of color managing the various stages of menopause.
Menopause Made Modern is a consumer-focused digital platform powered by user-generated product and service ratings and reviews of various treatments taken for conditions related to perimenopause and postmenopause. It’s supported by wrap-around content comprised of original product reviews by the Menopause Made Modern team, Subject Matter Expert and Influencer insights, and individual stories that seek to represent a broad and diverse range of experiences.

A long-time nonprofit executive, Kamili Wilson (she/her) began blogging about menopause shortly after she began experiencing symptoms related to perimenopause at the age of 43. 

Fueled by indignant frustration that developed into an obsessive passion, she founded Claret Circle to make it easier for individuals managing the various stages of menopause to find relevant, information, actionable resources, and connect with inclusive communities.
Through workplace education and comprehensive consumer resources, our mission is to normalize conversations about menopause and facilitate optimal support systems that help individuals navigating menopause transition not just survive, but thrive.
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