Training and Professional Development

Twenty percent of the US workforce is women experiencing menopause-related symptoms that may be impacting their productivity, absenteeism, and presenteeism, while costing employers billions of dollars annually. Yet, the majority of US companies don’t provide or are ill-equipped to offer beneficial support services within their organizations. 

Through educational content tailored for your needs, Claret Circle empowers your company’s leaders and managers with actionable insights and knowledge to help them implement best practices for a menopause-supportive workplace — ultimately leading to happier, healthier employees, and a more productive, profitable business.

We offer:
  • Informational Webinars 
  • Virtual Learning 
  • In-person Workshops 
  • Benefits Planning 


Information and Resource Development

Making sure all employees are knowledgeable of the resources they have available to them both inside and outside the workplace let’s them know they are supported. Employees don’t expect employers to be experts on the topic of menopause, but they do hope for support and access to some level of guidance, much like the supports and benefits related to fertility and family-planning.

Claret Circle can work with you to develop:
  • Internal Communication Campaigns
  • Resource Hub for Help and Support
  • Menopause Navigators
Program Design

Human resource professionals can and should play a key role in designing and managing workplace support programs for employees managing menopause-related conditions. HR’s responsibilities with respect to menopause support programs may include advocating for the establishment of such programs to help their company achieve strategic objectives and maintain operational excellence.

We work with leaders and managers to design:
  • Employee Resource Group Support
  • Workplace Policies and Accommodation
  • Wellness Programming

When women thrive in their roles, companies prosper.

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